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Welcome to Our Scada server system!

Posted by Admin on August 19, 2007

Process visualization with Plant Intelligence

Our SCADA systems offers maximum functionality and a user-friendly graphic user interface,
but you can also work with pseudo code and text based management in all of our systems.
With this configurable and scalable system, you have the advantage of absolute openness to both the office environment and to production. An integrated process database and Plant Intelligence, for example, ensure transparency in production. Numerous options and add-ons extend and expand the scope of performance.

Depending of your account levels you can give users different kind of functions and viewed options.

The server systems work over internet, GSM, or local connected systems via Ethernet or RS485.
It is all up to you!


At last a system that work over the border.”

Our system works directly or indirect with PLC, loggers, computer systems and allot of instruments.
New to the family is as follows...

  1. Interface for integration with Siemens Simatec New
  2. Interface with Mitsubishi FX3U
  3. Interface with Inter loggers.
  4. Pearl Instruments.

We have allot of projects running now both research under
a Swedish University and cooperation with a Swedish company
that has specialized in wind turbines and all around that. The cooperated work has been very intense and is something that we feel for and hope will continue.
Project Leader & Developer
Jonnie Stenberg

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We build it for you!

Posted by Admin on September 5, 2007

We can build your control systems all from
developing hardware and software to installing the system. We work both with standard industrial systems and our own electronic designs. We also build all your electrical products and installations. We can take care of the leading of your projects or part of it - all as you like it! […]

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Wind Turbine Sites

Posted by Admin on October 10, 2009

Scada managed control systems that work
over the Internet and see to that different systems work […]

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Wind Measurement Mast

Posted by Admin on October 10, 2009

Scada controlled meteorology stations that
is controlled and managed over Internet or GSM that handle the hole system from data input, analysis, status to alarm function via Internet and SMS. We also have security system with webcam to secure non welcome visitors. Webcam can also be used from the control central team to have better view on how the condition is on site. […]

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